What is
Bénéteau Boat Club ?

A boat club is a new concept from the United States, based on membership of a pleasure craft club. Once they are a member of Bénéteau Boat Club, pleasure crafters have access to boats in many bases in Europe.

If you love to travel and always want the boat that matches your needs, with the same level of service whether in Ajaccio or La Baule, then Bénéteau Boat Club is perfect for you.

bases in France and Spain

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Why join the
Bénéteau Boat Club?


Bénéteau Boat Club offers another way to enjoy the pleasures of boating without the disadvantages that come with purchasing a boat.

Once you are a member, just use your credits to reserve the boat of your choice at the base of your choice.

Meet on the appointed day to take possession and enjoy the boat without any worries.


Bénéteau Boat Club also offers 100 years of experience.

Bénéteau Boat Club also offers 100 years of experience.

Before every sailing, our professional prepares the boat at the base of your choice. We then accompany you during handover so we can answer any questions you may have about the boat, the weather forecast or the sailing area.


Bénéteau Boat Club provides you with an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.

Throughout the year, members of Bénéteau Boat Club are invited to exclusive events for club members: themed outings, previews of new Bénéteau models, trade shows, fleet navigation, etc.

Come and join the Bénéteau family!

Where can you sail once you’re a member of
Bénéteau Boat Club ?

Bénéteau Boat Club now has over 32 bases in Europe so it can offer its members complete freedom in their sailing experiences.

From Ajaccio and La Baule to the Balearic Islands, as a member of BBC you will find our boats everywhere.

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Whether you are an old sea bass or a beginner sailor, you have your place in the Beneteau Boat Club. We put at your disposal a fleet of safe and efficient boats to meet all your sailing desires.

We welcome you in the Club with your desires, but also with your doubts, your apprehensions and your fears: taking control of the boats, maneuvers of port, techniques of moorings, rules of safety: we accompany you until you enjoy your sea trips safely and peacefully.

To be able to use all the Beneteau Boat Club boats, we offer 3 subscription formulas of 50, 100 and 150 credits.

  • The 50 credits formula offers up to 10 outings-days on a 5.5 Flyer.
  • The 100 credits formula allows you, for example, to perform 10 outings-days on a Flyer 7.7 in high season.
  • The 150-credit formula allows you, for example, to perform 10 outings-days on a Flyer 8.8 in high season.

You can see the real time availability of all Boat Club boats and you can reserve them. During your first outings, we accompany you in the grip of the boat until you are completely serene.

Bénéteau know-how

With Beneteau Boat Club
you have the assurance of the brand’s quality and values.

“Bénéteau Boat Club enjoys the quality of Bénéteau boats
and the knowledge of the network’s professionals”
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