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How often can I sail per year?

You have unlimited access to the boats of your BENETEAU Boat Club base. This means that you can sail a lot if you are available!

How long in advance must I book a boat?

You can just as easily book your boat for the next day as for a trip you’re planning in 6 months!

Can I use a boat to go away for a week’s cruising?

No. The club works on a day outing principle. The booking system allows a maximum of 2 consecutive days. However, if the boat is available, the base manager may decide to lengthen this period.

Can I be sure a boat will be available for me?

Our booking system guarantees a fair distribution among members. In addition, we apply a member to boat ratio that optimizes availability. Lastly, you can book an outing well in advance.

Do I need to pay the membership fee every year?

No. Membership is a one-time, lifetime entrance fee. To be paid in one instalment or to be smoothed over 3 years

Will I have to pay additional costs?

Everything is included in your monthly payments (insurance, mooring, maintenance, etc.) except the fuels, which must be paid for after each outing.

What type of boats are available?

5 to 10 metre motorboats and sailing yachts. They are BENETEAU boats from the FLYER (Open), BARRACUDA (Sport fishing), ANTARES (Outings) and FIRST (fast sailing yachts) ranges

Can I go boating from BENETEAU Boat Club bases other than mine?

Yes. By selecting the Multi-base option, you can sail in any of the BENETEAU Boat Club bases across the world.

Are BENETEAU Boat Club boats also chartered?

No. The BENETEAU Boat Club boats are exclusively for club members. You will enjoy exclusive use.

I am a learner. Can I become a member?

Yes. We welcome beginners and seasoned boaters alike. What’s more, each new member is given a mandatory 2-hour handover session explaining harbour manoeuvres, mooring, safety rules, etc.

What conditions must be met to become a member of the BENETEAU Boat Club?

You must simply be an adult and have a boat permit.

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